First Chapter

My dear brother and mentor,

I hope that you have spent a great and reviving time with your family and friends.
I should wish you a happy new year as tradition, and I will before it’s too late.

The fact is that a few days before Christmas, I got an idea that implied you.
Very simple but a revelation since I’ve never considered it.
So I decided to address it to you, in a pretty clear and limited structure.

I got into action around January 12th, innocently believing it will be « quick »!

Then went throught a domino effect of questioning, re-structuration, writting, deleting and re-writting, which was a great blessing from God, as the exercise enlarged my « conscience perimeter ».

Today, we are 2015 January 28th, 29th, 30th, 31th …
Time effects…

The day I wrote you the first time, I wanted just to tell how much you helped me in my way to evolve in dance, and thank you as a human individual for bringing such an extraordinary knowledge to other human individuals like me.

I’ve never had a mentor, but instinctively qualified you as such, admitting this word as the rightful for what you presented to me. Concretely, it meant to express my profound respect and gratitude for the individual you formed throught your action, that imposed you this stature.

I had no idea where I was going, not even thinking that you might be spammed by dozens of messages like mine !

The fact is that at that moment, I transformed my thoughts to words, and within the process I had to put words on my thoughts and (another blessing from God) to find the right ones.

Time passing,

  • my inner dance vision > initially instinctive
  • being expressed in words > limited to these
  • and resonating now in reality > got out of my head,

Without realizing it, my action related to dance tended to match the vision I described, like taking form in it.

and when it did, my initial vision had been instantly enlarged, like I’ve grown up within process !

I found it out only the moment I had a simple question, that engendered a second, then a stream of others :

1. Why don’t I ask you to mentor me ? via online live private lessons ?

 The « the action of mentoring » was an inexistent concept in my mind before late 2015.

When I heard it in a ‘Brooklyn 99′ episode (o_0), well after my first msg to you, it sounded like an inception,

 ... time effect …

The question came like « if I had access to this option » > an instant set of connexions > « I had dance aspirations ! »

And in fact, I can adapt to your availability and periodicity, I can commit on home work and evaluation, I can afford it, technology makes it possible, and I see myself in everything you transmit.

This unique consideration made me see the combination of my life dance pieces under the right perspective, which allowed me to see the inconsistencies I was blind to.
First in this field, then as a chain reaction in each part of the individual I formed !

THIS was the knowledge I needed to step forward,
I was underestimating its necessity, because I was underestimating the meaning of dance to me.

It seems ridiculous said this way, the option was always there !
But I understood that its « inexistence in my reality » was due to my OWN vision of dance that was exluding it de facto.

A vision that stopped a long time ago at an instinctive (primitive) level, in a response to an environment.

self-restricting the answer to the question « why this continuous need of dance ? » (that sounded more like when are going to stop this shit),
to a simple « because I LOVE and am FASICNATED by dance » (just to close the debate).

Which is true, but incomplete.

The fact is that I’ve never considered exploring the answers, not even the necessity of the question,

My initial environment had changed but the established conviction in my first response was : unquestionable.

I was dancing for me, like « the always available » echappatory to me, I was free!
but it was not that seeeerious in my environment context as a life priority !!! to make me invest differently.

Believing I was satisfayed with a self education,
I’ve never considered having a dance education,
I went throught my destiny ; dealing with life condition, learnings, questionings, experiment,
Including in dance, throughout hundreds of interactions (virtual or real) like an obssession since my childhood,

And some precious ones that, initiated by positive words and action within time, helped me to get the schema of today :

  • My beloved man and my daughter, in the natural simple and positive way they reflect and make me see dance, as many daily blessings taking form in love, consideration, support, advices, insights on workshops or online lessons, look for new sounds that might make me vibrate and dance… and be happy.
    Dance in their eyes was not « that shit » anymore.
  • You, as a happy unexpected revelation when I saw the Liquid fusion instruction DVD a few years ago, and since then as THE figure of my own aspirations, 
  • And ALL the women who trusted me as a « teacher » over years, and by this simple fact, they offered me an amazing happiness when seeing them growing up in their body,
    By accepting what I had to give in dance, they allowed me to walk into rigour and a continuous investment, as the minimun giving back they deserved,

… time effect …

I noticed the growing need to go further, and the growing frustration like missing something,

 … time effect …

I had a dream one night,
dancing an impressive glide combination like it was real and I FELT it, in MY BODY,
it was crazy real !!! it had to be real !

I came to consider the question,

Connected mentoring to a mentor

Tried to describe my feeling when dancing,
a mixture of happiness, freedom, balance, infinity, love and humilty I guess…
like beating to the time, from out of the time,
insignificant but a tangible part of a one,
like touching a universal concept, to be closer to the Creator …
(a set of connexions) > like it makes me a better person !

These were sooooooo many talks and blessings from God, throught ordinary daily situations and people…

Till I saw the evident answer to « why am I dancing? »
The one from my life path perspective, which led me to admit my path and identify the clear aim of my life.

Not instincively as I used to, but concretely as the logical schema that explained the before and answered the after.

I discovered that « giving » was the necessary and sufficient concept that led me both to Happiness and Evolution. And these was ALL I aspired to in life. 

Giving back in dance (teaching) raised like the unique motivation strong enough, to make me give form to my dance feelings. And it was, as the unique constraint that I have self-imposed instinctively to keep on dancing,

You had only to say Yes !
(finger crossed) my request couldn’t be written lightly.
And the question came like a conclusion of a schema that I felt self-committed to developp,

But you could say No !
and I also had to share it, because of the second question,

2. What if all humans obey to a common mind process, tending inevitably to balance : the thoughts (inner), the words (public) and the related actions (hidden and public) over the time ?

What if this process was the one leading each individual World perception (convictions), with a direct and tangible impact on (and ONLY on) the individual himself as biological, sociable and spiritual creature ?

And what if this process was obeying to a kind of fundamental laws like mathematics or physics ?

Hum, kind of weird ! and you might don’t really care about so I didn’t mean to developp it,

but since transcribed in words, the question took the form of a new hypothesis of which I couldn’t stop experiencing the consistency.

Slowly but surely, my message about dance took a direction that I’ve never minded and that I’d never imagined.

I was coming to what seemed to be an amazing concept of evolution, acting in parallel with the biological evolution : The Human transmission.

And I was getting a life lesson, more I wrote things, more I came to consider them from this new perspective, see and live life situations differently, consider new connexions…

getting to a wider perimeter of awareness that only confirmed the huge amount of what I was ignoring so far !
(just like astrophysicists when they came to validate the existence of Dark matter and energy, confirming our ignorance about this 95% of the universe, and motivating its exploration),

When I transposed my newly discovered dance evolution mechanism to my blog, this place became the natural place for this message.

I wondered if my blog articles (since the first in Sept 2012) acted like my first message to you ;
an immaterial thoughts,
that I decided to form in words,
that initiated several cycles « action x time > results »
and processed by « reasoning », they led to recalibrate my convictions > immaterial thoughts,
and so on…

And so on…
as many inter-connected life cycles initiated in every life interaction (an individual being both the reality for himself and the environment condition for another individual),
as counted interactions over a life Time,

And so on over the Human time on Earth, forming our History.

Today I could describe one of my life processes, seeing what I initiated, what I harvested, wondering about what seemed an amazing mathematical balance between them,
but mostly testifying about what seemed a tangible and immediate action of God.

The perspective of what will I discover tomorrow became more interesting, more important and more immediate.

I could be wrong, but I suddenly saw that my aim was not to « convince » the other, nor to say that I was right. Because I’m not sure I’m right !

My positions (inevitable and my responsibilty), induced by my individual perception of reality :
was Leading inevitably my life action,
was Altering inevitably my environment in the continuous interaction I had with,
but it seems that in reality, they were Affecting ONLY myself, both consciently and inconsciently.

and in fact, none is sure he is right ! we all share the property of having positions, that engender (conscient and inconcient) actions,

we all deal with an environment condition then follow a path to realize our life aspirations.

Thus, the unique aim of my blog from my life path perspective, became to fulfill my duty toward God, as a public recognition and gratitude for His infinite benefits, at least the ones I came to see throught my life experiment.

It could be perceived like « a response » to the global current context dominated by religious terrorism, and it is related at one point ; the time dimension.

My latest blog article initiated by the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, in January 2015, was entiteled « Introduction ».

To what ? I did know instinctively .. like a so huge amount of inter-connected schemas of life that needed to go out of my head, firstly for me to synthetize and rest,

but how to do it concretely ?

… time effect …

Today I feel like what I self-initiated then lived since then was the precise I needed to get several learnings,

and these learnings were the precise I needed for this first chapter.

As many blessing as situations that led me to reconsider my time investment from who I was, why, and what I aspired to,
then observe, reason, self-reconsider, rise new questions,
start on this early January 2016 my msg with the intention of asking you to mentor me,
so that I can be a better dancer > I identified my evolution need,
so that I can give more and better > I identified my source of happiness,
so that I can be a better person > I identified my aspiration
and participate to a better World, where each individual could evoluate, be happy and realize his aspirations > I identified why I had this aspiration, and defined who I was

And I was most and before all a believer in God.
This unique part of me was leading everything in my life,
which doesn’t prevent me from mistakes (I can explain why)
but gets me inevitably over time, to figure out of mistakes and correct them (I can explain it too),

The following up of my introduction was simple,

My life path was a nature response to an ideology initiated by some Intentions, vehicultated by Words, induced individual Actions, and altered the Environment condition, like religious terrorism !

I feel more than ever self-committed to witness on my own experience with God, because I have one, a one that led me to peace, tolerance, generosity, happiness, reconsideration and evolution,

and a one that I always tried to keep private in a response to an environment where this perspective was not that serious !

Thanks to God, today I can explain it and I’m going to.

But before jumping to this second chapter, I need to close this one, that was marked by the Time effect, that I perceived (for the first time?) as a « precise » dimension that had a purpose.

Then, to you as a spiritual familly member,
and to every reader of this, 

I wish you a conscient 2016
as a human-relative marker of History, the History written by cumulative individual action,
as a number, this precise science making us aware of the mathematical balance of the universe,
as a cycle, the one needed by the earth to accomplish its tour around the sun,
And as one of the countless precise and continuous cycles, rhythming the universe elements, and playing in harmony, 

Please let me also celebrate with you an elementary but immediate individual cycle,
I wish you a conscient breathing, as a reminder,
of the first inhale, right out there on earth,
of the chance since then as a human, to be a reasoning creature,
of the time as a universal gift, defining the « being alive »,
of the time as a unique treasure, while « being alive »,
of the time as a clock, marking the « being alive action »,
of the last exhale as the end of one « being alive, »
and of the time passing, as before and after « being alive »,
witnessing on our transmission,

To the breathing rhythm,
I wish you the awareness of time, action, and transmission
as blessings and responsibilities,
experimenting an instant and constant gratitude, the one that leads to hapiness.

Humbly yours, and hopefully shortly your disciple.
Tuesday, Feb 9th, 2016 – 12h34


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